Monday, April 26, 2021

May Rainbow Card Challenge

Hello all you lovely crafters out there,

Hope you are having some nice weather and beautiful flowers in your neighborhood. It is just gorgeous here in Arizona. The cactuses are blooming everywhere. I have seen some cactus' in bloom before, but not in so many varieties as these. God certainly knows how to put beauty even in dry desert places. There is a tree that grows here that is different than any tree I have ever seen. The trunk is kind of twisty and branches out quite a lot. It has no bark. It's as smooth as can be and it is the color of bright green. Not quite neon, but almost. It is in bloom right now with very yellow small flowers that just blow and drift all over. I guess quite a few people are allergic to it. At first I thought that someone had painted them but when we started seeing them all over, we knew that wasn't a possibility. It is just amazing to see this bright green tree with yellow flowers in the middle of fields and roadways. God is a great ARTIST!!!

So, on to my card... the inspiration for the month of May is 

Periwinkle is such a beautiful color. I have always loved it, but it is not available in all mediums. So again, I had to mix some colors together and I think it worked out pretty well. It never shows up as nice on the computer of course, so it's hard to tell.
It is better in real life... promise!!!

This is a new stamp for me from Penny Black. I think one of my very first stamps were from PB, way back in 2005. That's when I made my first album for my daughter's birthday. I knew from the start that once I got my head into this craft, I would probably never quit. And that has been true. I have evolved, gotten into cards, multi-media, even grunge for a time, but I just continue to grow and move. It has become my life style!!! My place of joy, peace and sometimes, escape. I know, we've all been there!!!

This is a water colored card on Bristol paper. I like Bristol because it's smooth. I know a lot of people like the bumpy side but I do not, so I stick to smooth paper.
I also like to make my own envelopes. I love designer papers and when I get to use a paper that goes with my card, it makes me very happy. 
The dark centers are actually shiny gems that have different colors of blue in them. I tried to get them to show up in the photos but I just couldn't. They just look dark.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 
If you haven't already entered a card in this challenge, please do so.
I would love to see what you created!!!



  1. Beautiful colour and lovely card. Hugz

  2. Hi Elena! Your card is beautiful! You are right on with the periwinkle. That is an awesome stamp! Hugs! Katy :)

  3. What a lovely layered card. The flowers are beautiful. I like how some spill over to the bottom layer.

    sue n.

  4. Elena, it's absolutely beautiful xoxo


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