Monday, June 24, 2019

Love this little car stamp

Hello there,
I bought this little car stamp several years ago from a lady who was teaching card classes. As soon as I saw it I knew I could use it to put a smile on my husband's face. He loves old cars!!! How fun!!!

 So here's my card:

I used blue card stock to make the card and the banner. I used a ruler to mark off the stripes and taped off the sections. Distress Inks in the small containers were perfect for swiping on the paper. Unfortunately, I had to use quite a bit of purple tape to mark off all the stripes. I'm kind of careful with the purple tape, it's pretty expensive, even though it is re-usable.

The car was stamped, colored with pencils, and cut out.

The inside of the card is a stamp I have that is used for inside of cards or on the back. Sometimes, I can't think of too much to say. These kind of stamps help me to convey my feelings.

This card is entered into these challenges: lots of colors (my husband's favorites) Use a stamp older than one year. The little car. The word to use is YOU

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

New home, new blog....

Hello there,
I have been absent from the blog world for over a year now... WOW how time flies!!! And yet, so much has changed. We moved from Texas to Ohio (a surprise move with a job), we are renting instead of owning a home, and getting used to living in a small town in a rural area. We loved San Antonio so much. It was a wonderful, family oriented, fun city to live in. So much to do!!! But now, here we are in Ohio and looking forward to see what God's plan is.

Besides moving, we have hit a wall of medical problems, and that has really taken its toll on me. My husband and I have both had serious problems that required hospitalization and lots of care afterwards.  I just couldn't get my head into anything other than healing and getting better. But now we are on our way and life is coming back to "normal".  God has kept us in His care and my constant thought has been that "God is sovereign, God has a plan, this is not a surprise to Him, and He knows what He is doing!!!" That's what keeps me hanging in there.

On to my card:


I've been playing around with watercolor backgrounds and loving the  results. 
Unfortunately, you cannot see it here, but the background is several colors of blue and then sprayed with pearlized water and a blue pearl spray that is just beautiful. That's where that darker blue is. I just couldn't get the color's shine to show up. (Will be practicing my photography).

Next, I stamped a bare tree and colored in the trunk and leaves with markers.

The cute turtle was stamped on separate paper and painted in with pencils. I added the balloons because this went to my friend. We have a challenge with each other and are using the alphabet. The letter was "T" this time and my image was this TURTLE!!! I liked that because I certainly didn't want to be just an ordinary tree (ha-ha)! I don't know what she made, she wouldn't tell me and I haven't gotten her card yet... 

The last image was to show you that I always line my envelopes with leftover paper, or paper that matches what the card is. I also stamp something cute on the envelope, but I hadn't done that yet.  It just makes the card a little more special.

Here's the challenges I entered with this card:  show your true colors (favorite colors) inspiration from the word "Garden"

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