Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Flowers for Spring... they still come up!!!

Hi there,
Yes flowers are still coming up and we have two flowering trees right across the street, I LOVE IT!!! Corona virus or not... God's world keeps on doing it's thing, no matter what virus is running around!!! So I believe that God is in control and will lead us to find a vaccine. He says in His Word:
           2Chron 7:14: "If MY people who are called by MY NAME, will
           humble themselves, and pray and seek MY FACE, and turn from
           their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive
           their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND".

So I am here to show you a flower card that I couldn't wait to work on. I've been working on my water coloring and wanted to try one of these curvy full of greenery and flowers stamp. This is The Altenew "Just Because" stamp and it gave me quite the workout!!! I confess that I am just learning my water coloring. I am taking classes and loving every moment. I don't know if you are like this, but I keep thinking it's not good enough!!! But I am trying and that's the good part, RIGHT???? It's the process and the enjoyment I get out of finishing a project!!! I LOVE water coloring and plan on continuing and growing!!!

So I stamped the flower stamp on watercolor paper (I use Bristol 100 lb or Arches 140 lb) and then started coloring. Figuring out where one flower ended and another one started was the hardest part. But I prevailed and then colored all the leaves. Trying to get the leaves in different colors was hard because some of them are so small. 

The purple glitzy half a circle was a leftover from a full circle I had bought a long time ago. I love using up old stuff, but sometimes I have just too much of it and it gets overlooked for the new stuff I buy.

I glued it all on to a mustard yellow card stock cut to a A2 card size. Added a purple frame to tie it all together.

I am entering this card into these challenges:  the theme is "spring"  The theme is "happy Easter,
      happy spring"  Theme is "Spring/Autumn"  Theme is "Spring" I believe my card fits          either the CAS style or Classy and Elegant.

So that's it for me.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The New Normal

Hello there...
It's been several months since I have posted on this blog. Many medical interruptions have happened, and even though I didn't stop crafting I didn't have the energy to do any posting. My husband's heart started on a downturn and it left him unable to do anything around the house. Some of you know exactly what that means, and when you're not used to having to do EVERYTHING, it's pretty exhausting!!!

He is getting much better, but now we have the corona virus!!! We  are very blessed though, because we have a daughter living near us and she has taken on the responsibility of taking care of our outside needs. She shops, makes sure we have everything we need and checks in on us constantly!!! What a gift God gave us when He put it on her and her husband's heart to take care of us!!! We are so GRATEFUL!!!

I would  like to share a thought about this virus. I can only imagine how scary, overwhelming, and depressing this is. Especially for those who are out of jobs, in need of food and having their lives totally disrupted. And, of course, those who have actually lost loved ones, or can't visit them in the hospitals. My heart truly goes out to them. At the same time, I am truly grateful for all those people and businesses who have stepped up and are helping in any way that they can. The heroes who work in hospitals and any of our first responders are truly life givers. America cares for each other!!! So many are raising money; churches are caring for not only their own, but anyone in need, with food and supplies!!! Small businesses are trying their best to stay open and provide food takeout to make life easier for those at home. Schools are doing all kinds of innovative things to keep their students engaged and learning and having fun!!! I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! I was not born here, we came as refugees from WWII, but I would not live anywhere else!!! THIS IS HOME!!!

Now on to my card. I looked around at the challenges to see which ones would fit a card I had made recently and to my delight, one of my favorites was just right. It's a little curly haired girl with a kitten in her arms. It's a W-9 image from several years ago. I bought it as soon as I saw it. She is just so cute!!!

I love these backgrounds made by putting down Distress Ink pads and then spritzing with a lot of water. Cut water color paper to a size a little larger than what you will need for your card. Cut 2 or 3 pieces (don't waste the color. It will make several backgrounds). Then holding on to the bottom of the card, slap it on to the wet paint. Do this until you like what you have. Don't mix the colors too much so they don't turn muddy. You can spritz on some shimmering mist to add some beautiful touches of shine. I didn't do that here, but I do it often because it's just so beautiful!!!

I made a square with vellum that was printed with some soft flowers,  and a square frame. She needed something to stand her away from the background. 

The girl was colored with Tombow Dual Brush pens and I use coloring pencils to color the face, arms and legs.

I am entering this card in to these challenges:
     my stamp is probably about 4-5 yrs. old from W-9
      Spring colors and a little girl with a kitten = Spring!!

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Waiter, there's a parakeet in my soup...

Hello YOU... thank you for stopping by.
I love to share my creations with people who love paper crafting and art of any type.

We have been having  absolutely beautiful weather here in Ohio. Summer has lingered way past its normal time and this is the first day of a cool down, and it feels wonderful. We even had a couple days of 90 degree weather this week, so it felt good to get down to the low 70's, But as you know, we will be really missing those warm days once winter sets in and we're freezing for months. Oh well, variety is the spice of life, so I'm not complaining!!!!

I have a card to share with you today. The challenge I participate in with my friend is a W this time and I chose to do WINGS. I have a stamp from Poppy Stamps that I had not had a chance to use yet. It's the cups with a small bird on top. I love it, it's so cute!!! When I saw the challenge on the (cozy cottage) I knew that was the right stamp for that challenge too.  It also matched the

I used Bristol 100 lb. watercolor paper and colored the whole image with Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils. I always use watercolor paper for my images because I'm never sure what kind of medium I might end up using on the images. I tend to add some different types of colorants if the image just seems to need a little help. Watercolor paper holds up better and doesn't pill, warp or get distorted as I work.

When I got the cups and the bird done, the card just didn't feel finished. I am not good with CAS. I always want to add more and sort of "fill in the blanks"!!! So I let everything sit on my desk for a couple of days. I'd stop in and look at the project, but nothing clicked... So, I went through all the images I have on my computer (I copy images of designs that I like onto my computer and look through them when I get stuck on a project). This stamp of the buttercups popped up. It's also from Poppy Stamps. It just felt right.

I had to fussy cut the image because I wanted to cover the pitcher in that blue stripe paper. I loved the pitcher in the challenge picture. That was my favorite part!!! The flowers were really fussy to cut. I wanted the cups to be seen through the flowers. I was really happy with the results.

The word CHERISH is on the back of the card. That's also where I sign my name.
The picture of the little kid is on the envelope. I love  to add small images on the outside of the envelopes. It's fun to receive an envelope with a fun preview.

So I think that's about it for this post.
I love to read your blogs and learn from your tutorials.
This is an awesome community!!!

I am entering these challenges:  "Cozy Cottage" Blue & Yellow dishes, curtains, and a striped blue pitcher. I love the pitcher and used a blue striped paper to cover my pitcher.  "Feminine Anything Goes" My cups, bird and flowers are certainly a feminine feel on this card. I love this color combination of blue & yellow.



Saturday, August 17, 2019

I love flowers....

Hello there, thank you for stopping by!!!

I love water coloring. And I especially love water coloring flowers!!!
I am still learning new techniques (new to me anyway). There are several designers that I follow and watch on You Tube. That helps a lot, because you can watch it several times and kind of go along with what they are doing. Of course it never comes out exactly the same, but we wouldn't want to do that anyway.

So I saw a technique on  and You Tube channel where she embossed the flowers in white and then kind of "washed" them with 3 colors, from light to dark.  I just loved the look, so soft and natural.  So I decided to work on that. I stamped a whole bunch of flowers in white embossing and tried to wash them like she did.  The white embossing turned out to be too thick and didn't do too well on small leaves, etc. but the flowers were pretty successful.

This card is the favorite of all the ones I tried.  I love this stamp from Altenew and couldn't wait to try it with this technique. However, the flowers were too close together so I couldn't do it exactly, but I like the way it turned out anyway. I love the colors and the way they worked together.
I also added flower soft for the centers.

Here's my card:

I love this stamp,

Entering this card to these challenges:  kind thoughts

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

My favorite antique stamp

Hello everyone in blogland,

I love to use some of my old stamps on my cards.
It's not that I don't like new stamps (you can tell by my ever growing stash) but once in a while an old stamp just seems to fit!!! Especially one like this where the image looks very vintage.
I remember when I was a girl. I LOVED coloring books and paper dolls. This image looks even older than that, but in a way, it's not and it somehow reminds me of many hours spent oloring pages like this.

As I have mentioned before, I do a challenge with a friend and this time the letter to use is a U !!!
A U????? What do you do with a U????
I thought I wanted to do some kind of a critter, but after researching I just couldn't come up with anything but a UNICORN!!!  I don't happen to like unicorns!!!
So, back to the ho-hum word "UMBRELLA".  I know, not very interesting, but it is a U!!!
AND it just so happens that this is the only umbrella I have in my stash.

So here it is:

Those cheeks are pink.... somehow I couldn't get them to show up as pink!!!
Isn't she a cutie???? I just love her!!!!
I bought the stamp used about 10 yrs ago and have only used it a few times. But she''s still one of my favorites!!!

Here's the challenges I entered:  Bought my stamp used, about 10 yrs ago. Printed paper, texture on "hello" layers of Glossy Accents. Colored pens on girl. patterned paper anything goes relaxation... walking in the rain (my daughter and I have always enjoyed the rain, especially a warm summer rain!!!

So comes the end of my post.
Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed my vintage stamp.

Love & hugs,

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pastel flowers in July...

I saw that the challenge at the Flower Challenge is to use pastel colors. I am not a great fan of some pastels but there are some that I just love, and the image that came to my mind was a soft, fresh, beautiful bouquet on a summer lunch table... Doesn't that just make you want to have an all girl luncheon with pretty dresses, summer hats and lots of laughter!!!

Oh... that reminds me of the times we used to have tea parties at our reunions. Most of the time we went camping but we encouraged ALL females (no matter what age) to wear a hat, wear antique type jewelry, gloves if possible, and purses. We all brought cookies or other baked goods to share, and everyone had to drink at least one cup of tea. I had old looking dinnerware and my sister brought the tea and a tea pot that was special. Oh my gosh, I have such precious pictures of our kids ( from about 4 to young teen) with their little hats and gloves on, stirring their tea and just looking totally mesmerized by the whole process. My sister always was the Mistress of the Tea and would read a special story. The kids still talk about it and we are talking about bringing back the tradition!!!

So, back to reality...     
I made this card with this challenge in mind. It actually is the first time I used soft grey flowers on the background and yellow pastels for the two colored flowers. I love the way this turned out. It's a whole new look for me and I really like it.

The flowers in the background are stamped in "London Fog". It's a beautiful, perfect color for showing off a background without overpowering the design.

The yellow flowers were stamped on watercolor paper, and painted with my watercolors.

Added a little Stickles in the middle and Flower Soft for the center.

Challenges:  Pastel colors. Flowers as the main point.  The World Laughs in Flowers  CAS design. Watercolor (flowers are watercolored and cut out.

Time to go and get these entered before it's too late. The flower challenge has only a couple of hours left... Hope it makes it there in time.

Thank you for visiting. We are back from vacation, so I should be able to blog more often.


Monday, June 24, 2019

Love this little car stamp

Hello there,
I bought this little car stamp several years ago from a lady who was teaching card classes. As soon as I saw it I knew I could use it to put a smile on my husband's face. He loves old cars!!! How fun!!!

 So here's my card:

I used blue card stock to make the card and the banner. I used a ruler to mark off the stripes and taped off the sections. Distress Inks in the small containers were perfect for swiping on the paper. Unfortunately, I had to use quite a bit of purple tape to mark off all the stripes. I'm kind of careful with the purple tape, it's pretty expensive, even though it is re-usable.

The car was stamped, colored with pencils, and cut out.

The inside of the card is a stamp I have that is used for inside of cards or on the back. Sometimes, I can't think of too much to say. These kind of stamps help me to convey my feelings.

This card is entered into these challenges: lots of colors (my husband's favorites) Use a stamp older than one year. The little car. The word to use is YOU

That is all for me today.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed what I posted.


Flowers for Spring... they still come up!!!

Hi there, Yes flowers are still coming up and we have two flowering trees right across the street, I LOVE IT!!! Corona virus or not... God&...