Sunday, November 1, 2020

October Card Chain Challenge

Hello there all CCC lovers.
This is OCTOBER, can you believe it???
We say it all the time, but it does seem like time goes by quicker than it used to...
But, here we are and the best thing to do is to enjoy every moment we have.
I am sure some of you have had it much tougher than others.
Some of you have been touched by loss, others by loneliness, some of you have not been able to see your loved ones in nursing homes or hospitals....
the list goes on and on. 
But one day, God will wipe the tears from our eyes, Covid will have a vaccination, and we will be able to hug and love each other. 
Can't wait for the day when we can hug, laugh together, eat together and say hello without being afraid of being too close.
That day will come!!!
Lord, touch our world and wipe this disease from our midst!!!

On to my card. 
I loved this lovely color combination and the thought of pumpkins, berries and leaves swirled in my mind. However I did not have any stamps for the Fall. Soooo
time to go looking for a digi stamp. (I am moving to AZ so I couldn't buy anything that would take 3 weeks to get here). I have been looking at a lot of Alex Syberia Designs on Etsy . She has gorgeous flower designs so I checked her out and she had just added a pumpkin stamp for the Fall season. I loved it!!!

So here it is:

Yes, she does have beautiful stamps!!!
So I colored it up in my Faber-Castell pencils, set it on my desk and waited a couple of days. I always do that because it isn't finished until I have looked at it from every angle and just let it sit. 
I felt it needed a word, so I chose CHERISH. Cut that on my Cameo Silhouette in white and colored it with a marker. OOPS!!! HUGE MISTAKE!!! 
When I put liquid glue on the back and attached it to my card, the red color ran and got all over the card (just in that corner where I was putting the word)

If there is something to learn in this... DON'T COLOR  WITH A MARKER THAT WILL RUN!!! I thought I had checked all my markers... but they all blend with water. That totally escaped me. 

I always said: if you make a mistake, add glitter!!! ( in my classes I was known as the glitter girl!!) So I added sequins and in the real card you have to look real hard to see any red. But sequins is not what I wanted!!! 
It looks ok but it was much more elegant when it was clean with just the word.

So, another lesson learned...

Thank you for visiting me and (hopefully) relating to my oops!!
I will not join in this challenge until we have unpacked in AZ and I can scrap again.

See you in the next year

November Rainbow Card Challenge

Beautiful, isn't it???
I love sapphire blue. It's my birthstone, and just one of my favorite colors. I even had a wallpaper that color with small, vines of flowers on it. It was my favorite room in the house. So warm and cozy!!! And guess what, it was the laundry room!!! Oh well, I loved the look...

So, on to my card... 

I decided I wanted to use a blue background and white flowers. That just sounded good to me. I had this stamp I bought a long time ago from Hero Arts but I hadn't used it very much because I didn't quite know what to do with it. I am sure I am not the only one who designs her cards at night while trying to fall asleep!!! Well, this is how this one was put together.

I used Distress inks to partially color the flowers.
The leaves were cut with my Silhouette Cameo machine. 
I used black acrylic paint for the dots and white paint for the white.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Leave me a comment, I'd love to know you were here!!

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