Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Rainbow Card Challenge

 Hello card makers.

Welcome to my blog. I can't believe it's September already. And our color for this month is this gorgeous mix of amber!!! Beautiful for the Fall season, isn't it??? I am from Lithuania. We came to America when I was 10. The gem Amber is our national Gem. It comes from the Baltic sea, which borders our country and is easily found there. It actually is the sap that comes down from the trees into the water and forms this gem. That's why there are so many different colors, shades and little bits of "stuff" in the gem, as the sap drips and collects bits and pieces. Also, Amber is very soft and does not withstand a lot of abuse (like an opal). So it's not expensive like hard stones. It's used a lot in their paintings and crafts.

Now that I've given you your lesson for today. Let me show you the card that I made with this color. 

I used Bristol paper, and stamped the background with Simon Says "Poppies Background" stamp with Versamark ink. I love, love that stamp. It is gorgeous!!! Then embossed it with Queen's Gold embossing powder.

From there, I wanted to use a new die I bought (Simon Says again), these delicate beautiful leaves called "Eucalyptus". I really had trouble with these. The gold glittery papers that I thought would work beautifully, did not. They were a thin layer of gold on shiny white and they separate. I had to glue them together while they twisted and turned in every direction... Maybe one of you reading this has a good gold paper that you like to use????

Anyway, then I cut the words from a normal gold paper and adhered the front to a kraft paper. I know it looks gray in here, but it's not, it's kraft. The glittery thin frame was cut from a different kind of paper, but it would not have worked for the leaves. 

Oh, and I also make an envelope from papers that I have collected over the years. It feels so special when a person receives a card that is in a beautiful matching paper. If you don't do that, give it a try. Your lovely card deserves a great presentation!!!

So there you have it. 
I really enjoyed making the card, but I spent a lot of time and frustration getting it together. Most cards come together in a day.... but then there's that one, that just won't let you off easily... Do you have those???

Please join us this month using this beautiful color.
Write me a comment and let me know how it goes...

Thanks for visiting me,

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