Friday, October 2, 2020

The Card Chain Challenge for September


Hello crafters...
I participate in the Card Chain Challenge and this is the reveal for September cards mailed out to the participant we were assigned.  

I really had a hard time getting a good picture of this. 
The flower collage is embossed in gold and then I used a few different shades of yellow and some green to color only the center part of the flower. 
Then I used a deep purple pencil to color in the shading where the gold is. Purple gives water coloring that needed deep shade to bring it to life.  I just couldn't get that purple to show up at all. 

The center of the flower is my go to right now... it is micro beads in black. I just love these and bought the only other shade available, which is a purplish color. I hope it works as well on other flowers. I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

 I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it. So I had to try it. 

The person I sent this card to was Linda Wetterlin.
Hope she likes it!!!

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  1. Such a wonderful card, love your coloring!

  2. Such a sweet little birdie, Elena, and I love the gorgeous flower with the micro bead center!! Thanks for sending this beauty!!

  3. Of course she loved it! I love the way you embossed in gold and then coloured the heart of the flower and embellished with beads. You're right about the purple shading, it really does add depth to the flower! I have fallen in love with the cute little bird too! Vicky x


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